Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ever have one of those days when all you want to do is be alone? well this was one of them. I had just finished some homework and had some time to kill so I headed for the hills to take in the view. As I enjoyed the peace and quite of the hills, I was disturbed by my phone. This was really strange cause usually I never have any reception bars when im up here, so I decided to just let the call go to voicemail and ill return the call later.  Time passes and im enjoying the cool breeze and the sound of  tall grass brushing along... when all of a sudden I get bombarded by phone calls and txt messages. What the Heck man! the one time I decided to unplug from this world I get lassoed  back like cattle. Should I hit ignore... Nah, ill answer the call. Its was a friend asking me where I was, so I tell him and he replies "are you coming to class?" Oh shoot I totally forgot I had school.

Thrift T-shirt, Target coat
thrift Denim
H&M boats

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